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Anonymous said: Hey I was just wondering what your favourite clothing and shoe brands are? X

Hey lovely, hmmm this is going to be a lot to think about.
I’m going to have to break it down for you to give you the most thorough list.
I have some weird fashion and I go through different vibes and dress accordingly to them.
Lately I’ve been really getting into my hippie kind of pretty, amazing prints and colours. For that I’ve been buying a lot of Spell and Gypsy Byron Bay, Camilla bits and pieces, Tigerlily and a few others.
I’ve also been into a bit of boyfriendy style stuff as well lately. Living in one teaspoon baggy jeans, staple the label coats from princess Polly, Saba is always amazing for incredible quality fabrics for relaxed t shirts and jeans as well as topshop too.
For my every day kind of stuff I’m loving stone cold fox for edgy girly stuff, princess Polly has a good array of some pretty playsuits and dresses, I’ve been buying a lot of stuff from the fashion bunker too. Which has labels like The Fifth, Keepsake, Finders Keepers and Jagger, I dig lots of stuff from there lately too. Also Alice McCall, Bec and Bridge, Maurie and Eve, Dion Lee, Celeste Tesoriero, Nicholas, Aje etc

As for footwear I’ve been buying so many nike runners and shoes from Eastbay, which are like half the price of Australian styles and there’s so many on there. I really love Senso for boots, tony blanco have outdone themselves this year too, some Windsor smith styles are lovely and solestruck have some cool stuff too. Acne is amazing but expensive and Kobe Husk have pretty sweet shoes too.

Hope this helps, I’m sure there’s so many more I’m not thinking of right now but this will hopefully give you some insight.
Enjoy xx


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makeup at christian dior s/s 2008

f a s h i o n • b l o g 

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